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Kyrgyzstan is where nature expresses itself to its most, where people let the untouched stay untouched. It's just another world with a tranquil aura flowing everywhere. Neverending mountainscapes make the hiker in you to grab a rope and climb all the way up. Serene lakes and jagged ridges weed out all the metropolitan voice out from your mind, moving your attention to the cool wind, colorful fishes, and chirping birds.
Sigiriya (Lake)

A lovely lake surrounded by craggy mountain cliffs, and populated with several fish species, Sigiriya is a nature's gifts to its onlookers.

Song Kol Lake (Lake)

Standing on the banks of Song Kol Lake you'll notice great, snow-covered mountain range at your front and Mongolian styled huts at your back.

Ala Archa National Park (National Park)

Where the water finds its way through the joint of mountains, where snow-leopards stroll around with pride, this national park is staggering.

Burana Tower (Giant Minaret)

A simple tower with an extraordinary legend affix to it. Visit it and know what a witch told to then king.

Khan Tengri (Mountain)

Watch sharp, cold mountain peaks cutting through foggy clouds & conquer them with your mountain-climber within.

Altyn Arashan (Hot Spring and Hiking )

A natural canvas, thronged with several colors by green trees, blue sky, white snow, and much more.